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Fall Semester ’14 Update!

After a busy spring and summer, the fall semester is well underway for Professor Rodine-Hardy and the research team! Following an unprecedented showing at Northeastern’s Research, Innovation, and Scholarship Expo (RISE: 2014— where the research team had the most representation from the College of Social Sciences and Humanities (CSSH), we continued strongly into the summer months.

Professor Rodine-Hardy traveled to Toronto where she presented two papers to the International Studies Association Conference. Her papers were focused on continued research in telecommunication sectors in Europe and the ever-growing field of nanosecurity. In fact, Rodine-Hardy’s research article on nanosecurity was published and made available to the public this past August (see link below).


This fall semester, in continuation of old research and beginning some new endeavors, Professor Rodine-Hardy and the team will research the regulation, governance, and potential institutionalization of telecommunications and nanotechnology, among other telecomm and related spheres. Make sure to check out the pictures and links below, highlighting the past months’ work—including a review written about Professor Rodine-Hardy’s book, Global Markets and Government Regulation in Telecommunications.

New Report! 2014 006 Nanotechnology Strategic Assessments

Review by Simon Fink-Global Markets and Government Regulation in Telecommunications:;jsessionid=404BC56F3B2C011BD6AF134509454E47.f01t03?v=1&t=i0o8lnho&s=9be3e14897413a5f6adfe74a4c3ba15709db5b98  

Don’t forget to purchase your copy of Global Markets and Government Regulation in Telecommunications:


I am an associate professor of political science at Northeastern University. I study global diffusion of policy innovations in disruptive technologies, especially telecommunications and nanotechnology. I teach international political economy, comparative politics and international relations.