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Research Team Members, Fall 2014!

Sara Sheridan is a sophomore combined Political Science and International Affairs major from Philadelphia. She is involved on-campus with the Progressive Student Alliance and has a strong interest and background in social justice, human rights, and global norms within the realms of law, environment, and technology. This past summer, she traveled to Geneva, Switzerland for a Dialogue program with Professor Denise Garcia where she researched human security and disarmament diplomacy with the United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research.

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Chelsea Mattioda is a fourth year double History and International Affairs major from Connecticut. This past spring, she completed an international co-op in London at a criminal defense law firm, followed by a summer internship program in British Parliament. She had the opportunity to travel around Europe while she was working there, and Interlaken Switzerland was her new favorite place! Two summers ago, she went on an amazing Dialogue with previous fellow research team member Leah Campbell to Argentina where she studied in Buenos Aires, then traveled to Patagonia and hiked a glacier!

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Carolina Mattsson is a first-year PhD student in the Network Science Program at Northeastern University, studying how network science can be applied to study questions of political science and, more specifically, international relations and development. She comes from a background in both Physics and International Relations. Currently, she is working as a research assistant for Professor Rodine-Hardy on regulatory diffusion in telecommunicaitons across international networks of regulators and companies and for Professor David Lazer on various projects.

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Pavitra Chari is a sophomore combined Political Science and Economics major from Lexington, MA. She is on the executive board of the Northeastern Quiz Bowl team, and enjoys the competition and trivia. She also loves debate, and frequently judges at high school tournaments.

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Fall Semester ’14 Update!

After a busy spring and summer, the fall semester is well underway for Professor Rodine-Hardy and the research team! Following an unprecedented showing at Northeastern’s Research, Innovation, and Scholarship Expo (RISE: 2014— where the research team had the most representation from the College of Social Sciences and Humanities (CSSH), we continued strongly into the summer months.

Professor Rodine-Hardy traveled to Toronto where she presented two papers to the International Studies Association Conference. Her papers were focused on continued research in telecommunication sectors in Europe and the ever-growing field of nanosecurity. In fact, Rodine-Hardy’s research article on nanosecurity was published and made available to the public this past August (see link below).


This fall semester, in continuation of old research and beginning some new endeavors, Professor Rodine-Hardy and the team will research the regulation, governance, and potential institutionalization of telecommunications and nanotechnology, among other telecomm and related spheres. Make sure to check out the pictures and links below, highlighting the past months’ work—including a review written about Professor Rodine-Hardy’s book, Global Markets and Government Regulation in Telecommunications.

New Report! 2014 006 Nanotechnology Strategic Assessments

Review by Simon Fink-Global Markets and Government Regulation in Telecommunications:;jsessionid=404BC56F3B2C011BD6AF134509454E47.f01t03?v=1&t=i0o8lnho&s=9be3e14897413a5f6adfe74a4c3ba15709db5b98  

Don’t forget to purchase your copy of Global Markets and Government Regulation in Telecommunications:

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RISE is coming up!

Come check out the whole research team as we present at RISE:2014 this Thursday, April 10! RISE is Northeastern’s Research, Innovation, and Scholarship Expo, where students and faculty get to show off awesome research projects they have worked on this year. Our team has created some awesome posters that they’ll be displaying, and will be pitching some pretty interesting takes on net neutrality, cyber security, and nanotechnology regulation. You should definitely stop by Cabot between 10 and 2 on Thursday and see what our team has been up to!

You can find more information at

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Research Team 2014

The start of the spring semester has been a very busy one – with new research taking off, new classes starting, and a whole new research team joining the fun! This semester we’ll be doing lots of exciting things from promoting the book (yay!) to conducting new research in nanotechnology regulation, to expanding previous research in all sorts of new and exciting ways.

The research team this semester is comprised of several students – new and old – who will be doing some awesome work and hopefully presenting it at the end of the semester! We had a photo shoot last week to get some headshots and have some fun together – check them out, and read about the team!

Huge thank you to Jarvis Chen for these amazing photos and having fun with us in our photo shoot! Stay tuned for more pictures in the future 🙂


First up is Corinne Austin, Class of 2015. She’s a political science major from St. Louis, MO. Cori has been rowing for 8 years and has won two team CAA conference championships plus one conference championship in the varsity 4 event. When she was in high school, she placed 5th in the pair at the US Rowing Youth Nationals competition.Image

Megan Carroll is a third year Political Science and International Affairs dual major, with minors in Spanish and Law and Public Policy. She is on the executive board of the Resident Student Association on campus, and is very involved in housing and residential life. Megan makes up for her lack of athletic abilities by being a dedicated fan of the Northeastern Huskies.


Caroline Coughlin is a third year International Affairs and Economics major from Nashville, Tennessee. She recently finished up her first co-op at Oxfam America, an experience she really enjoyed. She also went on a dialogue to northern Spain along with fellow research team member Joe.


Fernando Loya is a third year Political Science and International Affairs dual major, with a minor in Middle East Studies. Fernando has lived in Peru, Arizona, California, Jordan, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia. He works with CANVAS to coordinate their nonviolent resistance dialogues between activists from the Middle East and North Africa, and has also worked with them to create a program that facilitates methodologies to a wide network in digital format.


Joe Nania is a junior Political Science major with minors in Spanish and Law and Public Policy. He’s from Webster, New York, but he loves to travel, particularly around Europe. Joe went on a dialogue to Spain in 2012, and has also been to Ireland, the UK, and France. When he isn’t traveling around Europe, Joe travels the Boston ethnic restaurant scene – he’s tried everything from Afghani to Polish to Venezuelan, and many in between. Joe is also a huge fan of the Olympic games, and really enjoys watching Curling.


Julian Scherding is a sophomore Political Science and Economics dual major from Woodstock, Vermont. He’s very involved on campus as a member of the NU Ski Team, the Student Alumni Association, and Delta Tau Delta Fraternity. Julian also went on a dialogue, but to Geneva with Professor Denise Garcia to study disarmament diplomacy at the UN.