Weaving a Life


Kirsten Rodine Hardy, Weaving a Life

Kirsten Rodine Hardy is a certified Weaving a Life Circle Leader. She started working with fiber when her grandmother taught her needlepoint as a young child. She began a practice of primitive rug hooking as part of her spiritual practice, which was part of her formation as a Spiritual Director at the Bethany House of Prayer in Arlington, MA. She is also a tenured professor in the political science department at Northeastern University, where she teaches international relations and comparative politics. Kirsten is also a mother of two amazing children and a black Labrador named Chip, a karaoke queen, an Anglican choral music devotee, and friend of many spiritual groups. She speaks French, Czech and a handful of other languages and has lived and worked in Burkina Faso, the Czech Republic, France, Switzerland, Washington, DC and California. She is now happily rooted in Belmont, MA.

My Weaving Circles

As a circle leader, I help provide the space and environment for participants to learn and practice a new skill and craft, engage in self-reflection and community-building, and weave new strands of human connection from right here right now to around the world. By practicing what our ancestors have done through the centuries, we learn how connected we are and how these fibers connect our souls, our lives, and our world.

woven doll with gray hair, colorful red shawl, necklace and jewels of volcano power
Auntie – a doll of future self, next to the amulet
hand loom with warp and weft strung to create the Bowl
Setting up the loom to create the Bowl
woven colorful small bag surrounded by stones & a volcano goddess figuring
The Amulet – volcano goddess