Melissa Brij-Raj

Melissa Brij-Raj (she/hers) has been a student of Professor Rodine-Hardy since 2014 and her research assistant for for the last two years. She also worked as her teaching assistant for Professor’s International Political Economy class. She participated in Northeastern’s Plus One Program, graduating in five years cum laude with her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Master of Arts in International Affairs. She is currently attending law school at Fordham Law in New York City.

Her research has mainly focused on the politics of nanotechnology regulations in the South American and Asian regions, particularly how business sectors effect legislative decisions and what this means for citizens and consumers alike. In addition to obtaining her degrees, she has spent the last five years working primarily in the legal profession, specifically immigration law, personal injury law, consumer advocacy, and increasing awareness of violence against women.

During the summer of 2019, Professor Rodine-Hardy and Melissa presented their paper, Nanotechnology & the Politics of Regulation in Asia— Regional Divergence, in Hong Kong at the ICGRG Conference: Unpacking the Complexity of Regulatory Governance in a Globalising World.

Melissa is also interested in international law, human rights, and equality.